Unilever’s Workforce Breakthrough with Talent’d

Unilever’s Workforce Breakthrough with Talent’d

Talent’d Recruit360: Supporting Unilever’s Engineering and Operations Team for Process Plant Capacity Expansion Initiatives

Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company, embarked on an ambitious journey to expand its process plant capacities to meet growing market demands. The company aimed to enhance its manufacturing capabilities across multiple regions while maintaining its commitment to sustainability and operational excellence. To achieve this, Unilever recognized the need to scale its engineering and operations team with skilled professionals who could drive these capacity expansion initiatives effectively.

Challenges and Solutions

Unilever faced several challenges as it embarked on its process plant capacity expansion projects, Unilever partnered with Talent’d, a specialized recruitment provider with a track record of identifying and sourcing top talent in the engineering and operations fields

Challenge 1: Internal Resource Crunch 

As Unilever embarked on its process plant capacity expansion projects, the company faced the challenge of limited internal resources to effectively manage the scale and complexity of the initiatives. Recruiting, training, and deploying a significant number of skilled professionals within a short timeframe posed a significant challenge to the organization.

Solution 1: Referral Network 

Talent’d provided Unilever with a robust referral network of experienced engineering and operations professionals. Leveraging this network, Talent’d efficiently identified potential candidates who possessed the required skill set and experience to handle the process plant capacity expansion projects. This not only accelerated the recruitment process but also ensured the selection of candidates with a proven track record.

Challenge 2: Huge Quantum of Internal and External Coordination 

Unilever’s process plant capacity expansion initiatives required seamless coordination between internal departments and external stakeholders. Managing such extensive coordination effectively was a daunting task for the company.

Solution 2: Efficient Coordination 

Talent’d demonstrated its expertise in efficient coordination and project management, streamlining the recruitment and deployment process for Unilever. The agency acted as a liaison between Unilever’s internal teams and the recruited professionals, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration throughout the project duration. This efficient coordination contributed to timely project completion and minimized operational disruptions.

Challenge 3: English Speaking Candidates Required 

As Unilever operates globally, effective communication in English was a crucial requirement for candidates involved in the process plant capacity expansion initiatives. Finding candidates who possessed excellent English language proficiency was essential for successful project execution. 

Solution 3: Industrial Expertise 

Talent’d understood the importance of English communication skills in a global setting and focused on sourcing candidates with a strong command of the language. The agency’s industrial expertise enabled it to identify professionals with both technical prowess and excellent English communication skills, ensuring seamless collaboration and clear communication between team members.


Top Talent Acquisition:

Talent’d successfully identified and recruited a pool of engineering and operations professionals with the expertise needed for process plant capacity expansion. These individuals brought a blend of technical skills and sustainability mindset to the projects.

Effective Cross-Functional Teams:

By assembling cross-functional teams with experts from diverse backgrounds, Unilever gained a comprehensive perspective on process plant expansion across various locations. This approach facilitated knowledge sharing and efficient problem-solving.

Timely Project Execution:

The swift recruitment process enabled Unilever to commence their capacity expansion initiatives on schedule, meeting market demands without delays.

Sustainability Integration:

The professionals sourced through Talent’d not only contributed to capacity expansion but also integrated sustainable practices into the projects, aligning with Unilever’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Through its partnership with Talent’d, Unilever successfully scaled its engineering and operations team for process plant capacity expansion initiatives. By identifying professionals who possessed the right skills, mindset, and alignment with Unilever’s objectives, Talent’d played a vital role in accelerating Unilever’s expansion projects, ensuring operational excellence, and maintaining the company’s leadership in the consumer goods industry.

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