Building a Strong Workforce in Indonesia: Overcoming Obstacles for Long-Term Success

Building a Strong Workforce in Indonesia: Overcoming Obstacles for Long-Term Success

Discover how to build a strong workforce in Indonesia and achieve long-term success. Overcome obstacles such as talent scarcity, cultural differences, and other challenges. Gain insights into effective strategies for navigating Indonesia’s dynamic market and optimizing your workforce. Learn how to overcome obstacles and build a resilient workforce that drives sustainable growth in Indonesia.

Why should you take help scaling in Indonesia?

1. Unavailability of Talent for a number of industries including Heavy Engineering

It is comparably difficult to find a talented workforce for industries like heavy engineering. Either one has to put considerable resources and time into finding the right, or one will have to hire expats.

2. Inefficient education system

The education system of Indonesia is quite outdated. It is not producing as many specially skilled workers as is required to grow the economy. Even though the startup ecosystem has started evolving over the last couple of years, it is not common to find special skills such as software development.

3. Taxation System

Each year, 51 tax payments have to be made, which takes an average of 259 hours of company time. A 25% corporate income tax takes 75 hours to process, and another 184 hours are needed for social security contributions and VAT.

4. Culture

Many employers end up struggling with scaling and maintaining the quality of their workforce simply because they don’t understand the nuances of local culture. Indonesians prefer to be treated with a lot of patience and calmness. Employees often switch jobs at the slightest provocation.

5. High Rate of Attrition

Generally, employees in Indonesia can switch jobs for very small incentives. Retaining employees is a challenge, hence the high attrition rate especially at junior levels.

6. Low English Penetration

Compared to other SEA countries such as the Philippines, where English is spoken by almost everyone, it hasn’t spread beyond a small group of professions in Indonesia. This makes it very tedious for foreign companies to hire English speaking workforce in Indonesia. Although Bahasa Indonesia is a simple and beautiful language that non-natives can start speaking fluently within one year.

Why should you choose Talent’d for your workforce expansion in Indonesia?

Global Localisation

Globalization made simpler with localized human workforce solutions delivered in more than 45 countries. Build flexibility in the execution of your international projects with localised workforce solutions in the country of your operations.

Vibrant Associate Network

‘Talent’d by WorldRef’ sources candidates unlike any other agency on the face of this planet. Our primary source of candidates is the widespread network of industry professionals. This makes it easier to trust and check out the candidates because they come from known sources.

Flexible Scalability

Build flexibility and resilience in your international business by outsourcing your global workforce solutions to experts at Talent’d.

Customised Solutions

Get customized workforce solutions for over 40 industries delivered across 20 world-leading economies.

Super Fast & Efficient

Make your business a global superstar with predictable expenditures combined with highly efficient and punctual services by Talent’d.

Verified Candidates and Contractors

Discover 1000s of duly verified Workforce Contractors from More Than 20 Countries across Asia Pacific Region.

360 Degree Support

Talent’d provides complete Workforce support from Commencement to Completion of your International Projects.

Wide Range of Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for Temporary and Permanent Staffing of Workforce for International Projects & Businesses.

What all you can do with Talent’d workforce services

Global Talent Recruitment

Focusing on the business as well as scaling for the workforce in new global markets can be a challenge. With Talent’d focus on your business expansion, while we handle global recruitment for you,

Using our network in 75+ countries, our global talent acquisition experts help you hire the right talent at the right time.

Globally Localised Recruitment

Customized recruitment services for your international business or projects, delivered through a global network of local & reliable workforce agencies.

C-Suite Executive Hiring

Our C-Suite executive recruiters are true headhunters who operate confidentially with a focus on finding top-tier candidates with the drive, knowledge, & ambition to lead the organization to a better tomorrow.

Global Workforce Contracting Services

Talent’d Global Workforce Contracting Services assist you in mobilizing your global workforce for international projects and business operations at a lower cost and in a shorter timeframe.

Temporary & Contractual Workforce Solutions

Scalable and flexible 3rd party global workforce contracting services for your international projects.

Skilled & Semi-skilled Workforce

  • Welders
  • Millwright Fitters
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics
  • Technicians
  • Insulation Installers

Machinery Operators

  • Maintenance Professional
  • Specialised Technicians
  • IT Engineers
  • Equipment Drivers
  • Machinery & Plant Operators

General Labour

  • Construction Workers
  • Industrial Housekeeping
  • Security Personnel
  • Contract Labour
  • Storekeepers
  • Groundworkers

Managerial Level Professionals

Hire experienced engineering and management contractual employment for your international projects and business operations.

  • Project Managers
  • Foreman
  • Surveyors
  • Project Superintendents
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Construction Area Managers
  • Administrative Officers
  • General Contractor Managers
  • Engineers
  • Safety Officers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Site In-charge
  • Line Inspectors
  • Office Manager

Global Workforce Mobility Services

Wide range of global mobilization services for the workforce to make global operations Cost-Effective, fast, and reliable. One global platform to cater to all global workforce mobilization needs.

Flexible Staffing

Hire temporary & independent contractors to ease your international project needs.

Work Permit Services

Reliable Work Permit and Business Visa Processing Services across the globe, with no surprises, smooth execution, and Timely Delivery

Local Sponsors

Business Beyond Border Made Simpler, Better, and Efficient. Get Local Visa Sponsorship Assistance Making International Deputation of Manpower Cost Effective and Fast.

Global Immigration Policies & Compliances

Customised Immigration Solution to reduce compliance risk. Avoid immigration issues and stay compliant with the host country’s immigration laws.

HR process outsourcing

Improve retention, enhance workforce productivity, and reduce costs through customized HRO solutions.

Partnering with Talent’d for your workforce expansion in Indonesia offers the perfect solution to overcome talent scarcity, cultural differences, and other challenges. With their global localization expertise, vibrant associate network, and flexible scalability, Talent’d provides customized and efficient solutions. From global talent recruitment to HR process outsourcing, they streamline your expansion in 50+ industries. Trust Talent’d as your strategic ally to unlock the full potential of Indonesia’s market and drive sustainable growth.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect Talent’d’s views, opinions or policies.

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