Strategies to Overcome Common MRO Challenges in Heavy Industries

Strategies to Overcome Common MRO Challenges in Heavy Industries

Spare Parts Inventory Challenges Bar Chart

Source: IBM

Manufacturing Downtime Comparison (Planned vs. Unplanned)

Source: Pluto-men

P-F Curve Asset Health Diagram

Source: brightlysoftware

Suez Canal Data Visualization: Ever Given Incident

Source: Visual Capitalist

US Employee Training Spending Stagnation (2008-2018)

Source: Microsoft

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  1. Mohd Junaid

    This is a great article addressing some of the biggest hurdles we face in our heavy equipment MRO operations. The solutions for parts obsolescence are particularly helpful – we’ve definitely been caught out by outdated components a few times.

    I’d be curious to know if the author has any specific recommendations for software or digital platforms to assist with proactive monitoring and inventory tracking. Those seem like key areas where we could improve.

    Overall, very informative – thanks for sharing!


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